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This game was played in thick, cold fog. Usually, I can see the field lights long before I reach the stadium. I can use those lights to find my way to a stadium even if I am not famiiar to the area. However, tonight, I could not even see the field lights until I was just a block or so from the stadium. The mist and fog seemed to come in waves over the field. However, the wet weather did not stop Borden County and Valley from playing an exciting, suspensful football game. Initially, touchdown answered touchdown from both teams. Borden County seized momentum after their goal line stand in the second quarter and increased their lead throughout the third quarter. At one point in the third quarter Valley was 27 points behind but mounted an incredible rally to pull within five points before time expired. Borden County and Valley both played with determination and heart.

What god drove them to fight with such a fury?......Homer

Final Score: Borden County 61, Valley 56